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What We Do


Employment Our goal is to help our guests find meaningful work that provides the economic foundation on which to help build stability. We work with our guests to identify their areas of strength and employment goals, help them prepare a resume if needed, and then mentor them through the process of applying and interviewing for jobs.


We work with men who currently have housing or who are homeless. If needed, we work with them to identify and obtain short-term housing. We also work with men to discuss their long-term housing needs and coach them on how to conduct a housing search.

Family Stability

Our goal is to preserve the family unit, where possible. We provide mentoring to our men whose family issues have become a source of instability in their lives. If needed, we work with our community partners, who can provide specialized services in support to the family.

Crisis in Faith

A crisis in faith can create instability across multiple parts of a man's life. We believe a Christ-centered life provides the direction and encouragement needed to create stability. We provide mentoring and discipleship to help our men find their path back to a life of Christian commitment.